Family Based Immigration

Family Based Immigration provides a many of rights and privileges for thousands of legal immigrants to encourage and foster the growth of strong families . To this end, U.S. allows natural-born citizens, naturalized citizens, and legal residents to apply to bring family members into the country.

Whether you are a citizen of the US or you are a lawful permanent resident in the United States who is applying for visas to have their fiancée, spouse or other family member join them in America, the Law Offices of Nabil R. Atalla in Los Angeles and Orange County can help you with all of your family-based immigration questions and navigate the process of family-based immigration.

  • K-1 visa/fiancĂ© visas
  • K-3 visa/spouse visa
  • Visas for siblings
  • Visas for dependents
  • Visas for parents
  • Visas for children

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